Jesus is Coming Soon

Read Revelation 3:7-11 … There was a practice at one time that some congregations would use a rubber stamp to ink the words “Do Not Sing” in red on certain songs in a songbook. It may have seemed a bit over-reactive, but this action was taken by congregations to avoid presenting or spreading what was … Continue reading Jesus is Coming Soon

The Coming of the Christ

What a day that will be! In the Scriptures there is a consistent witness to the fact that Jesus will return to this earth. There have been many claims made about the when and how of the Second Coming of Christ thru the years, and this has led to various positions that take their name … Continue reading The Coming of the Christ


Read Luke 2:36-38 … What does one do when joyous news is heard, or when something so wonderful has happened it changes one’s life? Isn’t telling anyone that will listen the natural reaction? In Luke 15 Jesus tells three parables when the Pharisees and the scribes begin to grumble about Jesus eating and being around … Continue reading Anna