A Personal Relationship with Christ

Read Matthew 28:16-20 … In Evangelical circles the idea of having a personal relationship with Christ seems to have taken on (as least for some of us outside those circles) a synonymous meaning with being saved. One Catholic author makes the point that the idea of having a personal relationship with Jesus is often associated … Continue reading A Personal Relationship with Christ


Is Your Name Written There?

Of all the various interpretations that accompany the book of Revelation, there is a portion beginning in 20:11 that undoubtedly peers through the mists of time. This portion shows us John’s vision of the future where he witnesses the Judgment scene at the great white throne and it is revealed that “… anyone not found … Continue reading Is Your Name Written There?


In 1991 Jimmy Allen wrote the book Re-Baptism? to address an issue that had become both a significant and persistent point of dispute among those of the Restoration Movement. The issue revolves around what an individual must understand prior to their baptism; and further, what level of understanding about the reasons for their baptism must … Continue reading Re-Baptism?