There Can Be Only One

Read Ephesians 4:14-16 … When discussing who is a member of the Church, one often falls into a denominational pattern of thought and comes to this conclusion, “The members of the Church are those that have joined us.” In the Scriptures, this is never the pattern that is set forth. Everett Ferguson puts it this … Continue reading There Can Be Only One


THE Verse

Read John 3:16 … THE verse, right? This single verse has been hailed as the central core of the Gospel. It finds its way onto television during sporting events – how many remember the guy with the rainbow colored wig holding up the “John 3:16” sign? It is one of the first verses children learn … Continue reading THE Verse


In 1991 Jimmy Allen wrote the book Re-Baptism? to address an issue that had become both a significant and persistent point of dispute among those of the Restoration Movement. The issue revolves around what an individual must understand prior to their baptism; and further, what level of understanding about the reasons for their baptism must … Continue reading Re-Baptism?