The Pilgrimage

Written by Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage: A Contemporary Quest for Ancient Wisdom is reported, by the back cover, to be a “captivating account,” a “fascinating parable,” and a “compelling tale” that delivers the “perfect combination of enchantment and insight.” Originally published as The Diary of a Magus, the work recounts the author’s trek along The … Continue reading The Pilgrimage


God is All-Present

Read Psalm 139:7-10 … The technical word for God being all-present is “omnipresent.” This is the thought that God’s presence is in all places. This might seem elementary, but one typically considers God always present in relation to the self; i.e., God is present where I am. This is certainly the truth, and as the … Continue reading God is All-Present

New Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate

Professor Gerhard F. Hasel has produced New Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate; of course, being written and published in 1978, the idea of “current” may not apply without further considerations of the debated topics of 2018. Even with that consideration, Hasel has given us an overview of the issues in New Testament … Continue reading New Testament Theology: Basic Issues in the Current Debate

An Introduction to the New Hermeneutic

In An Introduction to the New Hermeneutic, Dr. Paul J. Achtemeier undertakes an examination of a hermeneutical method that has grown out of the philosophy of Martin Heidegger and the existential theology of Rudolf Bultmann. Achtemeier notes that exegesis and hermeneutics have often become blended and interchanged, but hermeneutics has reemerged as a consideration that … Continue reading An Introduction to the New Hermeneutic