Who Moved My Pulpit

            In the book Who Moved My Pulpit, Thomas S. Rainer has produced nothing short of a manual for the average church leader (Pastor/Minister/Elder/Staff/Lay Member) to begin a new work, project, or change in a methodical and successful manner. The book highlights eight steps by which, when employed, will help build the backing for a … Continue reading Who Moved My Pulpit


Thoughts on “The Quest for Understandable Hermeneutics”

In a previous post, there appeared a book review of Hal Hougey’s The Quest for Understandable Hermeneutics, and one felt disinclined at that time to present points of critique or argument since the goal at that time was to present a brief book review in an impartial manner (as far as possible … different reviews … Continue reading Thoughts on “The Quest for Understandable Hermeneutics”