Were You Looking for Me?

More articles like this can be found at the Carolina Messenger. For three years there had been no rain in Israel. Ahab was a wicked King that had turned to the idols of his wife and for that, God had sent Elijah with the judgment – no rain. For three years the lack of rain … Continue reading Were You Looking for Me?

Is Your Name Written There?

Of all the various interpretations that accompany the book of Revelation, there is a portion beginning in 20:11 that undoubtedly peers through the mists of time. This portion shows us John’s vision of the future where he witnesses the Judgment scene at the great white throne and it is revealed that “… anyone not found … Continue reading Is Your Name Written There?

Fundamental Christianity and the Opposition to Creeds

If the study of Church History teaches one important truth it is this – there are a great number of people that have a great number of differing opinions regarding the praxis and thought within the realm of Christian Religion. The list of influential names and their contributions that have touched the doctrine and practice … Continue reading Fundamental Christianity and the Opposition to Creeds

The Dark Night of the Soul: A Brief Exegetical Examination of Job 28

For a brief time, the life of Job was touched with the type of despair that no man or woman ever wants to face. As a business man he witnessed the loss of all the material things that point to wealth and prosperity. As a parent he endured the devastating emotional upheaval the loss of … Continue reading The Dark Night of the Soul: A Brief Exegetical Examination of Job 28

Doctrine of Ecclesiology

A primary consideration when thinking about ecclesiology is to understand that one is speaking about a group of people that are relationally and functionally different from those of the world. Therefore, from a most basic standpoint the world can be divided into two distinct groups: the church, and the not-church.[i] This distinction, along with discussions … Continue reading Doctrine of Ecclesiology