Attitude Toward Giving

Read Proverbs 4:23 … In 1968 Bro. V. P. Black wrote the study Rust as a Witness, a study designed to help those of the Church understand their relationship to the subject of giving. Giving has always been a “touchy” subject, but it’s a subject that is intently associated with a Christian’s life. For the … Continue reading Attitude Toward Giving

Leave Big Corners

Read 1 Timothy 6:10 … Giving is really a hot topic for the Scriptures and Bro. V. P. Black notes that the Bible has more to say about giving than any other subject. When we stop and consider the reason behind why we give, it really shouldn’t be that big a mystery – we give … Continue reading Leave Big Corners

Omniscience and the Preservation of Free Will

“I’ll go to the store tomorrow.” One recognizes this as a very simple sentence; yet, there is an unspoken understanding associated with the thought – provided. Humans can know what was and what is, but the future can only be spoken of in possibilities, probabilities, and potential. The simple reason lies in the fact that … Continue reading Omniscience and the Preservation of Free Will