The Bible in Theology and Preaching

The Bible in Theology and Preaching was written by Donald K. McKim with the purpose of discussing the various theological positions in contemporary society, and how those schools of thought view the Scriptures. Each chapter undertakes to discuss a particular school of thought in such a way as to bring to light the questions of … Continue reading The Bible in Theology and Preaching


Listen to This

Romans 10:14-17 Typically, there are only a couple of ways that someone learns about the Gospel of Christ and becomes a Christian. See if one of these methods describes your experience … Every Sunday (maybe twice a day), and possibly every Wednesday, your parent/s herded you into the church building and you attended class and … Continue reading Listen to This

Toward an Exegetical Theology

            The full name of this work, written by Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. and published by Baker House Books in 1981, is Toward an Exegetical Theology: Biblical Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching. The work is designed to examine what the author sees as the inadequate academic preparation of preachers to draw significant meaning from the … Continue reading Toward an Exegetical Theology