Divorce & Remarriage

Divorce & Remarriage: A Study Discussion is a transcription of an in-house discussion (not a formal debate) conducted at Martinez, California on September 25th, 1982. The discussion sought to delve into two schools of thought regarding the issue of divorce and remarriage as it is regarded within the Church, an issue that was of concern … Continue reading Divorce & Remarriage


Solid as a Rock

Read Mark 3:13-19 … In the Synoptic Gospels the names of the original 12 Apostles appear in Matthew 10:2-4, Mark 3:13-19, and Luke 6:12-16. In Acts 1:13 eleven of the originals are again listed with Matthias being added shortly thereafter. Those original 12 were considered the closest confidants of Jesus and benefited from a concentrated … Continue reading Solid as a Rock

The Messiah: the Greater Prophet, the son of David, Emanuel.

The essence of eschatology, the language in which eschatological thought occurs, is a forward-looking conception of what is the ultimate outcome for mankind and the world. Most of those involved in the work of theology have a basic understanding of eschatology that conforms to this concept, and the traditional shape of eschatology is expressed in … Continue reading The Messiah: the Greater Prophet, the son of David, Emanuel.