Liars Go to Hell

Read Revelation 21:5-8 …

Is the “little white lie” a myth? Not really. At the risk of making a hasty generalization, most of us have told the “little white lie” more than once or twice. It’s a strategy that is used to avoid telling someone the blatant truth so that (1) their feelings are spared to what we perceive is the actual reality of a situation, and/or (2) to spare ourselves the uncomfortableness of having to confront another person over what is really an insignificant matter. In truth, when dealing with other adults and the “little white lie” is told – unless the other person is completely oblivious to tone and voice inflection – everyone involved knows what’s really being said, right?

Yet, the Scriptures are quite clear, liars are among those that will be consigned to the “lake that burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death” (Rev. 21:8, NKJV). Liars, along with some of the most heinous sinners, will denied the water of life and identification as a son of God.

Liars are often cast in a very unfavorable light in the Scriptures. In the 10 Commandments bearing false witness against one’s neighbor is #9. So serious was bearing false witness that the Law specified that one person wasn’t enough to convict a person, there had to be two or three witnesses to bring an accusation (Deut. 19:15; Num. 35:30). Further, to keep the occurrences of lying against another person in check, the Law also specified that if a witness was found to be false, then that false witness would incur the penalty that would have been given the accused (Deut. 19:18, 19). Wow, right?

Along with John, Paul also includes liars in a list of those that are not only opposed to the Law, but also opposed to “sound doctrine” (1 Tim. 1:10). Just as in Revelation 21:8 one finds liars facing the justice of God, the Proverbs also tells us that false witnesses will not go unpunished and liars will perish (19:9). This is why truthfulness is so important, even beyond the simple fact that once a liar has told lies even the truth sounds false from their lips (the Crying Wolf Syndrome). Therefore, truthfulness is seen as a virtue, so much so that truth is seen as preferable to lies and flattery (Prov. 27:6; 28:23).

And as bad as lying is – bearing false witness to others against a person so they suffer, or even directly lying to another person – even worse than these is the person that lies to themselves! Think about it. How often do we lie to ourselves about our ability to deal with a problem and then we end up in a quagmire of our own making? How often does the person that says, “One more won’t hurt,” or “I’m O.K.” end up as a victim of their own falsehood to themselves? This extends even to deluding ourselves with false ideals about physical abilities, physical attributes, mental acuity, and almost any area of our lives.

Even worse than all these things will be those that find themselves apart from God in eternity, condemned to hell, because they lied to themselves about their own soul.

These delude themselves with thoughts such as, “I’m as good as (insert name here)” and miss the truth that others are not the standard by which we will be judged (Rev. 20:12).  Or, “God is love and won’t condemn anyone to hell” and fail to acknowledge the wrath of God (Matt. 25:31-46). Or, “God is a joke … a myth clinging to the skirts of humanity. I don’t believe in such foolishness” and fail to realize that at the name of Jesus every knee will bow (Phil. 2:9-11) and fail to recognize that a denial of the existence of God is itself foolishness (Psa. 14:1). Don’t be condemned by a delusion.

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