Christian Charity

So, soap box.

I have a grand total at this point of three (3) followers, and the one man that knows me personally had to know this day was coming … somewhere, somehow it was on the horizon. So here I go, Gentleman Theologian, on a rant.

The backstory. Two events happened this week that really impressed in me what Christian charity is all about. First, I am a Registered Nurse working directly with patients everyday. Not surprising since there are many many Nurses that work directly with patients. So the assignments come in and one of the newer Nurses is having to take care of a patient with not only a transmissible disease, but one of those diseases that if you get it … well … “Say Goodnight Gracie.” I have been doing this job for more than 20 years and have dealt with patients that had Hep C, MRSA, VRE, HIV, and CJD, and if you know what any of those things are, you know you don’t want them! So she almost has a complete breakdown, “I can’t take care of that person. What if I get (fill in blank with string of deadly letters)?” In essence, someone else needs to take this patient because I am not emotionally equipped.

Second, I attended a community meeting where large group is moving into facility and plan to cut a new exit through an ajoining subdivision. Needless to say, the folks that lived there protested vociferously at the increase in traffic, potential safety issues, and decrease in property values … typical arguments to be sure, and they follow up all these reasons not to have the exit dump through their subdivision with the coup de gras, “Were is your Christian charity? Where is your consideration of US?”

In the scriptures the idea of Christian charity is deeply ingrained. After telling the lawyer what the greatest command is, Jesus quickly follows in the heels of that with, “And the second is like unto it, you shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22:39, Mark 12:31). So what does this mean to us?

Christian charity is a two-way street, since both of us should be willing to put the other ahead of ourselves!

When a person refuses to do a job because of the potential infectious disease that they may contract (and really it doesn’t matter what any person has since the one taking care of a patient should assume EVERYONE is infected with some deadly disease), what about that next person that has to step up and deal with that patient. Patients still need care no matter what disease they have; Doctors and Nurses still have to have a level of compassion that sees the patient as a person and not a disease. None of those caregivers want to contract some disease, or worse – God forbid – transfer some disease to a loved one!

Even the group that didn’t want the exit through their neighborhood, if Christian charity was really on their mind, shouldn’t they have been asking what time they should stay off the street so the traffic isn’t impeded?

Christian charity is important to be sure, but never EVER let us use the principle to demand another person’s capitulation to our will.

Two Christians walk up to a door, which one goes through first? NEITHER, they just stand there saying, “You go first.”
“No, you go first.”
“No, you go first.”
“No, you go first.”


One thought on “Christian Charity

  1. Thanks Scott. I completely agree, I feel that this is Satan’s #1 effort…. changing from a Christ like mentality about sacrificing self to it what about me? It is a daily and even minute to minute struggle.


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